Vacation Rentals vs Hotels: Top 10 Reasons to Pick a Vacation Rental

According to a posting in DwellableTrends, the online blog of, here are the top ten reasons to pick a vacation rental over a hotel:

  1. Destination weddings.  Put family and friends in side-by-side vacation rentals. The kids had a blast playing together at all hours and parents could keep an eye on them from their decks, drink in hand. 
  2. Traveling with kids. Having an extra room for the kids without needing to spring for a suite or second hotel room. Space for kids to run around and play instead of being cooped up together in a single hotel room and bouncing off the walls. A fridge for milk and kitchen for healthy ad hoc snacks. More than one bathroom. It’s just so much easier to travel with kids in a vacation rental, believe me.
  3. Quality time with the girls or guys. If you’re planning a golf trip, fishing trip, wine tasting or even a private yoga retreat, a vacation rental can offer the privacy of your own bedroom along with relaxing together time–and space.
  4. Romantic getaway. If your idea of romance includes enjoying morning coffee on a private deck in your bathrobe, cooking beautiful quiet dinners, or even your very own pool, a vacation rental offers you just the right mix of being at home and having an exotic getaway.
  5. Big events. From Bonnaroo to the Super Bowl, major music festivals, conventions and sporting events can sell out all the hotel rooms in a city months in advance. Vacation rentals provide a fun and practical alternative, especially for multi-day events.
  6. Family reunions. It’s hard enough to coordinate a big group for dinner; throw in oldsters used to their 5 pm blue plate special, kids whose bedtimes conflict with pre-dinner cocktails and the college kids who just started their day after noon and it’s well nigh impossible! Take advantage of having a kitchen and ample space and don’t stress about getting people coordinated for every meal.
  7. Longer stays. Staying somewhere longer than a week can get expensive fast. A vacation rental can deliver a lot of value for longer stays—more space, a kitchen to reduce your food costs and a competitive price per night. Plus many units provide access to your own washer and dryer, saving you on sky-high hotel laundry fees.
  8. Woof. Can’t bear to leave your best buddy at home? Some vacation rentals are pet friendly.
  9. Eating local. If you’re interested in local produce it’s fun to eat out a few times to sample the regional cuisine. But if cooking with local ingredients from the farmer’s market sounds like fun to you, you need a kitchen to work your magic. Other reasons for having a kitchen: vegetarian, vegan, diabetics, kids.
  10. Getting sweaty. If you are a serious skier, snowboarder, surfer, hiker or mountain biker, you want a home base that can accommodate your gear and get you out of the house fast.

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