The Perils and Pitfalls of Renting from a Distance

A recent post on discussed the logistics of managing a vacation rental from afar.

After recalling some rather disturbing personal experiences about how managing from a distance can quickly turn into a nightmare the author was able to find a local management company to take care of the changeovers, maintenance and emergency management; an arrangement that worked very well until they were able to move into their ‘vacation home’ following retirement.
The moral of their story? Vacation rental success can only be as good as the property management you provide – or hire. No matter how wonderful, idyllic or outfitted the property is, unless it is well maintained, and your guests have someone to call on in an emergency, there will always be a risk of complaint or at worst, negative reviews.
So, if and when you consider buying a property and renting from a distance consider the following key attributes of a property manager. They should:
Be familiar with the rental business and have a strong customer service ethic
  1. Have good local knowledge of customs, trades people and services (and language as appropriate)
  2. Be able to deliver concierge services if required
  3. Have the ability to react promptly in an emergency
  4. Be reliable, competent, consistent and trustworthy
If you are considering buying a vacation home or condo in Southwest Florida, Accord Real Estate has all the right attributes to fill the role as your rental management company.
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