New Cleaning Guidelines

While Accord Real Estate always maintained rigorous sanitation and disinfection protocols for cleaning, we will be enhancing these standards as a result of new recommendations established by the CDC, Florida Health Department, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Vacation Rental Managers Association.

Accord Real Estate will be taking a 2 Step Process to lower the risk of contamination.

The 1st Step in the cleaning process (Sanitation) will remove germs, dirt and impurities by using a CDC and EPA approved for use against the COVID- 19 virus.

 Kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses

We are prioritizing high-touch surfaces such as door handles, controls and switches, bathroom taps and handles, guest information and brochures, furniture such as chairs and tables. Linens are professionally washed at the highest temperature allowed at 140 degrees and dried at 150 degrees.

For the 2nd Step of the cleaning process (Disinfection), Accord Real Estate has purchased an electostatic sprayer/fogger machine to be used throughout the unit. This quickly and evenly coats surfaces with a disinfecting solution. No wiping is required and bacteria is killed in about 2 minutes and viruses under 2 minutes.

Electrostatic Sprayer/Bioesque® Botanical Disinfectant Solution

Each unit will have sanitation supplies and disinfectant for guests to use during their stay and we will request that these products remain in the unit. We are also providing each reservation with a small bottle of hand sanitizer as well.