Change in Policies

A 48- hour time period between the last guest departure and the next guest arrival will be our protocol moving forward in all units until further notice. To accomplish this new protocol, the following procedures will be initiated.

  1. A time frame of up to 24 hours between the last guest departure and entry into the unit will be necessary as a precaution to protect our housekeeping staff.
  2. During the next 24-hour period, as our staff enters the unit, they will wear masks and disposable gloves. Dirty linen will be placed in a plastic contractor bag. It will be tied closed and placed inside our regular linen bag  for transport to the laundry facility. As noted above, cleaning and disinfectant products will be used to remove germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Following the above cleaning, we will use the electrostatic sprayer to complete the final sanitizing process.
  3. A cleaning procedure checklist has also been developed. All housekeeping personal will be required to complete and sign the checklist for the review of the inspector to ensure the cleaning procedure is being followed.