Give Yourself the Gift of Property Management This Holiday Season

If you own a condo in Sanibel Harbor, or on/near Sanibel Island, consider hiring Accord Real Estate Group to manage your property. If you’ve been on the fence about using a property management company, here’s why you should consider it: 

Less responsibility means fewer headaches.

When you decide to use a property management company to manage your rentals, you are stepping away from the stressful and time-consuming, day-to-day details of renting your condo. Property management companies list your condo for you and will handle everything from booking and reservations to housekeeping and maintenance. We act as the go-between for owners and renters so that you as the owner can experience the benefit of owning a beautiful vacation condo, without dealing with all of the stresses.

At Accord Real Estate and Vacation Rentals, we like to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service as well. We provide excellent customer service for our properties’ renters, as well as the owners when they come to stay. The best news is that you still get to pocket the majority of the profits. Check our website for more information about our commission policies and fees.

Local help allows you to travel.

Many people that own a condo in Fort Myers or on Sanibel, often travel or live in another part of the country for the majority of the year. Trying to handle rental issues while being hundreds of miles away can prove to be extremely difficult. A major benefit of using a property management company is having local help, available 24/7 to take care of issues as they arise.

If you are a snowbird or you travel often, it would be in your best interest to hire a property management company to handle your rentals, so that you know that your condo is well taken care of while you’re away. We also offer home watch services to ensure your condo is safe and protected at all times.

Attention to detail allows you to maximize the benefits of renting.

There are many rules and regulations when it comes to renting your condo that most people are unaware of. For example, each condominium has a set of rules regarding how often your space can be rented, which affects the income you can generate from renting out your condo. Hiring a management company means they will make it their job to know the specific guidelines for your condominium and will maximize the rentals for your unit, allowing you to profit as much as possible. 

Hiring a management company like the Accord Real Estate Group also means that your renters will have access to online reservations, as well as 24/7 emergency maintenance and housekeeping services. We also do a thorough inspection after each checkout to ensure that your condo is being well taken care of. As the owner, you also get the benefit of these services when you stay at your condo as well.

So if you are tired of dealing with the stressful details of renting your condo, consider giving yourself the gift of property management. At Accord Real Estate Group, we are here to help in any way we can. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

5 Reasons to Spend Christmas at the Beach

When it comes to the Christmas season, traditions are one of the best parts. Picking out a tree, hanging lights, making hot chocolate. There’s nothing better.

But wouldn’t it be nice to switch things up this Christmas? Maybe make a new tradition? For example, what if you took a vacation on the beach?

Here are 5 great reasons to spend Christmas on the beach:

1.    New memories

The most important part of the holidays is spending it with the people you love. What better way to focus on family, and create new memories, than going on vacation together? Especially in a fun, exotic location!

2.    Sunshine

Winter definitely has its perks, but it’s also great to escape the cold and gloom for a bit of sunshine. Imagine soaking up the sun while lounging on a beach chair instead of being bundled up in winter coats.

3.    Fun Activities

Choosing a beach vacation for Christmas means endless fun activities. You could rent bikes and ride around Sanibel Island, or spending the day paddle boarding and kayaking. You could fish along the causeway, or sit on the shore and watch kiteboarders. Just to name a few!

4.    Rest and Relaxation

Holidays can be extremely stressful with all of the holiday parties, school performances, and shopping. Forcing yourself to step away from it all for a vacation can be a great way to offset the stress and give yourself the gift of rest this season. After all, is there anything more relaxing than sitting on the beach listening to the waves crash on the shore?

5.    Mood Boost

Vitamin D isn’t just good for your skin; it’s good for your mood too. Winter is notorious for negatively impacting mental health, and overall mood. Escape to the sunshine for a little break from reality and give yourself a much-needed boost. What better way is there to enjoy the holidays, and get excited for the New Year?Ready to book your Christmas beach vacation? Call us today at Accord Real Estate Group to book your tailor-made beach vacation. We will handle all of the details so that you can focus on soaking up the sunshine this holiday season

The Advantages of Renting a Vacation Home with Accord

When planning a vacation, people have endless options for booking a place to stay. What makes staying in a vacation rental so much better than the alternatives? You can essentially customize a vacation home to suit your exact needs!

Extra Living Space

By renting a vacation home, you will have much more space for your family or friends to enjoy. Most of the time, these rentals have separate living spaces and multiple bedrooms, which give each guest privacy and the ability to “get away” and relax throughout the day. 

This option is also ideal for families with young children who can have their own space for naps and bedtime. Then the adults can enjoy the rest of the evening!


Even when traveling by yourself, vacation rentals are quite comparable to the average hotel. When you split the cost of these vacation homes between a few friends or family members, the savings are amazing! Add in the fact that you have a kitchen to prep a few meals (or even go all out and make a fun, family dinner together), and the savings pile up! Even if you enjoy eating out, having a kitchen makes for quick and easy breakfasts before heading out for the day.

Personalized Service

When choosing an Accord Real Estate Property, the service you receive is far above that of the average hotel. You’ll notice the incredible attention to detail in making your stay as carefree and comfortable as possible, from the check-in process to the exceptional cleanliness of the homes.

Choose a place with a spectacular view, or maybe you’ve always wanted to stay on beachfront property. Find a secluded place or a home right in the center of all the activity: restaurants, shopping, and local culture. The best part of renting a vacation home with Accord is that you get to choose the vacation you’ve always dreamed of having. 

Start by checking out one of our rental properties today! We look forward to making your vacation dreams come true.

Why You Need a Fort Myers Vacation

As we head into the last few months of the year, the thought of sandy beaches and sunny skies is likely lingering in your mind. You’ve worked hard this year and deserve a vacation to paradise. If you’re looking for perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and lots of things to do, a Fort Myers vacation is just what you need!

Perfect Weather

They don’t call Florida the sunshine state for no reason. People flock here just for our year-round sunshine and warmth. On any given day, you can guarantee that the sun will be beaming and outdoor activities will be calling your name. Even when it rains, it only lasts for a moment and sets the perfect tone for an afternoon nap. Who doesn’t love a nap while on vacation!? The warmth will beckon you to the pool, beach, or even a bike ride. There’s truly no weather quite like Fort Myers, Florida weather.

Beautiful Beaches

There’s nothing like a vast, sandy beach to make you want to go on vacation. When you take a Fort Myers vacation, you have beautiful beaches right at your fingertips. Fort Myers Beach offers over 6 miles of sandy paradise for you to enjoy. Whether you’re alone or have your family with you, there’s plenty of space to lounge, play, swim, and enjoy. Make sure you have your camera ready to capture all of the breathtaking views our beaches have to offer. Grab your suntan lotion and a towel and prepare for a tropical time!

Things to Do

Interested in experiencing more than just the beach on your Fort Myers vacation? Never fear, this city offers plenty to do. Fort Myers has tons of fun and educational nature parks to visit. You’ll get an up-close look at some of Florida’s native wildlife while enjoying the outdoors. If history is more your thing, the Edison and Ford Winter Estate is the perfect place to go. Take a tour of the homes where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford spent their holidays. Even they needed a Fort Myers vacation! Fort Myers also offers a broad choice of places to eat. Some of the very best restaurants can be found here. All of you “foodies” will not be disappointed!
A Fort Myers vacation is everything you never knew you needed. It’s the best way to unwind from the busyness this year has brought. You can enjoy lounging on the beach, soaking up the sunshine, and exploring this beautiful city. To book your vacation home, visit Accord Real Estate right away!

5 Things to Look For in a Property Manager

Vacation rentals are a hot market to be in right now. These days, many people prefer to stay in vacation rentals over hotels. However, managing a property can be difficult. This is why having the right property manager is so important! Having someone you can trust only scratches the surface. Here are 5 things that you should be looking for in a property manager: 

1. Superior Housekeeping Standards

The cleanliness of your rental matters. A good property manager knows that and abides by it! There’s nothing worse than when a renter checks in and the first thing they notice is that something isn’t properly cleaned.

A property manager should be inspecting the rental before and after cleanings. They should have a good eye for what right looks like. There should be proper communication between the renter and the cleaners. This way the housekeepers always understand what the standard is.

As the owner, you should feel confident in knowing that each time your property is cleaned, it’s being cleaned well. It’s setting high standards like this that will set you apart from other vacation rentals in the area.

2. Free Website Listings

Being able to access something through the internet is important. When people are planning a vacation, they want everything at their fingertips. The internet makes this possible for them! This is why your property manager should offer free website listings.

In addition to accessibility, this shows that your property manager is willing to go above and beyond. Your manager should care about how well your property does on the market. By listing it on their website, they can keep a close eye on bookings. 

Any form of free advertisement is a positive asset for your rental. Property managers who offer free website listings understand this!

3. Home/Condo Watch Service

The safety of your property is vital. Especially for owners who aren’t local. Top of the line property managers offer home and condo watch services.

Whether it’s 24/7 or during certain times, there’s security in knowing your property is being looked after. The guests in your rental will also appreciate this. Especially if they are unfamiliar with the area, they will love that extra sense of safety.

An owner invests a lot of time and money into their property. A property manager should value that and want to make sure that investment is never taken advantage of. That’s why a watch service is something to look for when finding the right management company.

4. Proper Commission Policies

The best property managers are always looking to help you save money. A way that this is done is through having the right commission policies in place. This ensures that proper compensation is given at all times.

Having one commission rate, no matter who the booking goes through can make things unfair. A property manager should adjust the commission accordingly. If the booking is done through the owner, that means half commission goes to the manager. If the booking is through the property manager, they receive full commission.

This keeps a fair and even playing field between the property manager and owner. It ensures that everyone is rightly compensated and that the owner saves money.

5. 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance

Accidents happen and things break! Sometimes at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of the night. Your property manager must have 24-hour emergency maintenance on hand.

If an AC unit breaks in Florida, that is an emergency. Renters should not ever have to wait long for that to be fixed. Other issues like broken refrigerators or bad plumbing should also be addressed immediately.

A management company with 24-hour maintenance ensures the comfort of guests and owner peace of mind.

A property manager that values the small details will also value the big ones. A rental owner deserves a manager that values their home/condo!

At Accord Real Estate, it is our goal to meet all of these standards. We believe that these 5 things are deal-breakers when it comes to a property manager. For more information on what to expect when choosing our management services, click here.

5 Must-Do’s on Your Sanibel Vacation

Planning a getaway to an “island in the sun”? If you’ve chosen Sanibel, you’ve chosen well! Your Sanibel vacation can include a variety of fun things to do. Quiet relaxation or exciting adventures, the Island has it all. 

We know choosing things to do on a vacation can be stressful, but we have you covered! Hand-picked by us, for you, here are 5 things to do on your Sanibel vacation:

1. Relax on Bowman’s Beach

Sanibel is home to some of the best beaches. Bowman’s Beach is among the most beautiful! Tucked away, it’s known for its cleanliness and quietness. It’s vast sands make for plenty of places to call your own. While one of the most popular beaches on Sanibel, it is also one of the most relaxing.

Shelling is one of the main attractions of Sanibel Island. Bowman’s Beach is a prime spot for it! All year round, vacationers come to enjoy this peaceful hobby. There are so many unique shells throughout the entire beach. Shelling is a great way to bring home a piece of paradise.

If beach picnics are your thing, Bowman’s is the perfect place. There are plenty of areas to grill, barbeque, and enjoy a cookout! You can have a day-long beach party or a sunset soiree. Either way, Bowman’s Beach is a wonderful place to gather with friends!

2. Visit the Sanibel Island Lighthouse

Looking for that “Instagram worthy” photo? The Sanibel Island Lighthouse is the place to capture it! Your Sanibel vacation isn’t complete without a trip to this piece of history.

Constructed in 1884, the lighthouse has stood as a monument for over 120 years. You’re just a short stair climb away from the best view on the Island. Have your eyes and cameras ready as you take in the scenery. It is truly breathtaking.

People come from all over for a glimpse of what’s to be seen at the top. The Sanibel Island Lighthouse will be the high “light” of your vacation.

3.  Discover the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife

The Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife is a great place to visit during your Sanibel vacation. CROW is one of the nation’s leading clinics for wildlife rehabilitation. It’s the perfect way to mix education and fun.

At CROW, you can enjoy interactive exhibits and guided nature walks. You’ll learn about conservation medicine and exactly how it’s being used. You’ll also get a behind the scenes look at what is being done to protect Florida wildlife. It’s an opportunity you will not want to miss.

Register at CROW to add this to your Sanibel vacation plans!

4. Explore Periwinkle Place

Who doesn’t want to shop and dine while on vacation? On Sanibel, Periwinkle Place is the best location for both. Lush greenery and majestic fountains make for a prestige presentation! 

Periwinkle Place has over 20 retailers to choose from. Both unique to the Island and familiar brands, you won’t know where to start. Everything from swimwear to jewelry, it’s a shopaholic’s dream.

If you get hungry, you have plenty to choose from. Periwinkle Place is home to some of Sanibel’s best places to eat. We highly recommend the Blue Giraffe Restaurant.

This is more than just a shopping center, it’s a place to have a memorable experience!

5. Shop the Sanibel Island Farmers Market

It doesn’t get more local than this! Visiting the Sanibel Island Farmers Market is the best addition to your Sanibel vacation. This is where the local culture of Sanibel is found!

The market offers seafood, produce, and so much more. With over 40 vendors, you’re sure to get a taste of the Island. Stop in to stock up your vacation rental with the freshest foods!

Just keep in mind that the Farmers Market is open on Sundays, May through the end of October.

With options like these, your Sanibel vacation is sure to be one for the books. There’s so much to do on this little island. If you haven’t booked your trip yet, head over to Accord Real Estate Vacation Rental and get started! We would love to help you find the perfect place to stay for your perfect Sanibel vacation.

The Best of Southwest Florida

The Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau (VCB) is the lead marketing agency charged with bringing worldwide visitors to Lee County. Almost five million visitors spend nearly $3 billion annually. The VCB is funded exclusively by a 5 percent tourist tax and works to preserve and protect area beaches and the environment.

Recently, the VCB held its annual tourism summit. This year’s big news was a first-of-its-kind film called “Awaken,” which uses cutting-edge technology to showcase the most beautiful aspects of SW Florida as a destination.


The film compliments a digital ecological calendar that highlights the many, year-round, natural seasons and migrations of our area.

The goal is to share the natural beauty and diversity of the area, which will inspire both visitation and protection.

Fort Myers filmmaker, Cameron Michael, spent thousands of hours on location to capture beauty that is accessible to all.

Watch the film and share the beauty of Southwest Florida with your friends and family.

Manatee Park – A Unique Experience

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Manatee Park is a unique place where visitors can view the endangered Florida Manatee in a natural environment. Manatee Park is a non-captive refuge, therefore they are free to come and go as they please.

Manatees are generally not present during the warm summer months.

The park also has an extensive butterfly garden. The park is a demonstration landscape for the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods (FYN) program. Picnic areas & shelters, fishing pier on the Orange River. Canoe/kayak launch to the Orange River. Program amphitheater and playground.

Althoug a rare sighting of a manatee is possible during April thru October, optimum viewing times are between the months of November and March due to the cooler gulf temperature.  The Florida manatees live along the coast of Florida and generally visit the park when the gulf temperatures dip below 68 degrees.

PARK HOURS (year round) sunrise to sunset daily

December thru March hours of concession and kayak rental operation are 9:00 am -4:00 pm. Kayak rentals May thru October by reservation only (239)481-4600

Driving Directions: Take I-75 to exit 141. Go east 1 1/4 miles. The park is on the right (directly across the street from the FPL Power Plant).

Andrew’s View of Summer

Southwest Florida is a special place during the summertime. It is a place to enjoy unique outdoor adventures, cool critters and an enriching coastal lifestyle. The Fort Myers News Press features the award-winning photographs of Andrew West in their weekly feature called “ANDREW’S VIEW”.

Below is Andrew’s View of Summer

Sanibel Island Ranks 3rd as Happiest Coastal Town in America

For the second year in the row,  the magazine “Coastal Living” has named America’s Happiest Seaside Towns.

Coming in at #3 is Sanibel Island, FL

This is how Coastal Magazine describes our little piece of paradise; “Life in this South Florida island town is a pastel dream. Picture pale blue skies and white-sand beaches. The island was literally built on millions of seashells. When locals dig in their backyards, they turn up conch, scallop, and clam shells – intact. The town offers a quiet, away-from-it-all life. No stoplights, nor buildings taller than the tallest palm tree.”

The millions of tinted seashells that have literally built the island on which this little town sits have made Sanibel famous around the world. Its 6,469 residents enjoy access to 15 miles of unspoiled beaches.

Even the Today Show got into the game, vividly describing each of the top 5 which includes:

#1 Beaufort, South S.C.

#2 Harwich Port, Mass.

#3 Sanibel Island, Fla.

#4 Sag Harbor, N.Y.

#5 Newport, R.I.

Click HERE to see the Today Show segment on America’s Happiest Towns.

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