Island Cow

2163 Periwinkle Way
Sanibel, Florida 33957-4007
(239) 472-0606
Web Address:
Island Cow


Cuisine: American
$$   ($10-15 per entrée)
Feature: Kid Friendly, Outdoor Dining

Large utilitarian menu—a true moo-vable feast.

Kids love this place if for no other reason than the zany decor and cleverly-written menu, full of cow jokes and cow puns and cow pokes at everything cow-related.

But the menu is extensive and varied, offering guests a kind of complete diner experience.

Breakfast is a hit here, but so are the barbecue, chili and sandwiches. The dinner menu has the obvious options—seafood pasta, chicken and fish—lots and lots of fish.In fact, you can pick the kind of fish, choose one of nine ways to fix it, and then choose from an array of side vegetables.

The idea here is to eat well and have fun. To that end, there is a nightly tradition—a mooing contest. Staff goes around and invites guests to moo. The best moo wins free ice cream. Truly a moo-vable feast!