Edison & Ford Winter Estates

2000 McGregor Blvd
Fort Myers, Florida 33901-3420
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Edison & Ford Winter Estates


Edison Winter Estate – Seminole Lodge
When you visit Thomas A. Edison’s winter estate, you enter a world unlike any other. The furnishings and architecture of these gracious, rambling buildings are reminiscent of a bygone era.

Main House
The original design included a kitchen and dining room in the north wing. In 1906 the Edison’s had this part of the house remodeled to serve as family bedroom suites. Visitors used the dining room and kitchen in the newly renovated Guest House. The Main House includes Library, Study and Edison’s Den.

Guest House
Edison initially sold this home to his friend Ezra Gilliland. Edison re-acquired the home in 1906 and remodeled it for use as a guest house for visitors and includes Family and Dining Rooms as well as Kitchen.

Caretaker’s House
This house is the oldest structure at the Estates. A one room section of the house existed when Edison purchased the property and Edison expanded the building over the years to be used by various estate workers.

Pool Complex
The pool was constructed in 1910 and now reflects the 1928 remodel with addition of the Tea and Bath House.

Edison Pier
The pier was the first structure to be built after Edison acquired the property and was used to bring building materials from barges to construct the Estates. At one time it extended approximately 1,500 square feet to deeper water and was outfitted with boathouses, benches, and a summerhouse.

Ford Winter Estate – The Mangoes
Henry Ford purchased his home in 1916, providing him the opportunity to vacation with Thomas Edison. The Ford porch, adjacent to the vintage garage, offers a spectacular riverfront view of the Caloosahatchee River. The Ford Catetaker’s Cottage was used as a garage and caretaker’s home for the Ford family.