5 Things to Look For in a Property Manager

Vacation rentals are a hot market to be in right now. These days, many people prefer to stay in vacation rentals over hotels. However, managing a property can be difficult. This is why having the right property manager is so important! Having someone you can trust only scratches the surface. Here are 5 things that you should be looking for in a property manager: 

1. Superior Housekeeping Standards

The cleanliness of your rental matters. A good property manager knows that and abides by it! There’s nothing worse than when a renter checks in and the first thing they notice is that something isn’t properly cleaned.

A property manager should be inspecting the rental before and after cleanings. They should have a good eye for what right looks like. There should be proper communication between the renter and the cleaners. This way the housekeepers always understand what the standard is.

As the owner, you should feel confident in knowing that each time your property is cleaned, it’s being cleaned well. It’s setting high standards like this that will set you apart from other vacation rentals in the area.

2. Free Website Listings

Being able to access something through the internet is important. When people are planning a vacation, they want everything at their fingertips. The internet makes this possible for them! This is why your property manager should offer free website listings.

In addition to accessibility, this shows that your property manager is willing to go above and beyond. Your manager should care about how well your property does on the market. By listing it on their website, they can keep a close eye on bookings. 

Any form of free advertisement is a positive asset for your rental. Property managers who offer free website listings understand this!

3. Home/Condo Watch Service

The safety of your property is vital. Especially for owners who aren’t local. Top of the line property managers offer home and condo watch services.

Whether it’s 24/7 or during certain times, there’s security in knowing your property is being looked after. The guests in your rental will also appreciate this. Especially if they are unfamiliar with the area, they will love that extra sense of safety.

An owner invests a lot of time and money into their property. A property manager should value that and want to make sure that investment is never taken advantage of. That’s why a watch service is something to look for when finding the right management company.

4. Proper Commission Policies

The best property managers are always looking to help you save money. A way that this is done is through having the right commission policies in place. This ensures that proper compensation is given at all times.

Having one commission rate, no matter who the booking goes through can make things unfair. A property manager should adjust the commission accordingly. If the booking is done through the owner, that means half commission goes to the manager. If the booking is through the property manager, they receive full commission.

This keeps a fair and even playing field between the property manager and owner. It ensures that everyone is rightly compensated and that the owner saves money.

5. 24 Hour Emergency Maintenance

Accidents happen and things break! Sometimes at the most inopportune times, like in the middle of the night. Your property manager must have 24-hour emergency maintenance on hand.

If an AC unit breaks in Florida, that is an emergency. Renters should not ever have to wait long for that to be fixed. Other issues like broken refrigerators or bad plumbing should also be addressed immediately.

A management company with 24-hour maintenance ensures the comfort of guests and owner peace of mind.

A property manager that values the small details will also value the big ones. A rental owner deserves a manager that values their home/condo!

At Accord Real Estate, it is our goal to meet all of these standards. We believe that these 5 things are deal-breakers when it comes to a property manager. For more information on what to expect when choosing our management services, click here.

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