10 Tips For A Beach Vacation With Kids

Are you planning a family trip to the beach? It’s a great way to spend quality time as a family and make lasting memories. 

We understand that family trips can sometimes be stressful, though. Especially when you add in sand, waves, and sunburns. But it doesn’t have to be!

If you follow these 10 tips, you’re sure to keep the stress to a minimum to make way for fun family time:

1. Plan fun activities

Kids want to be active on the beach. They don’t want to lounge around and get a tan. So plan fun activities to keep them entertained. The options are limitless – jet skis, paddle boarding, kite-boarding, parasailing, and so much more!

2. Go with friends

Your kids will have more fun if they have other kids to play with on vacation. And you will have more fun hanging with your friends and not having to entertain your kids constantly. 

3. Pack beach toys

Everyone loves beach toys! They are simple, inexpensive, and they provide hours and hours of fun. Bury each other in the sand or have a sand-castle contest. 

4. Prepare for snacking

There is something about the sand and the sunshine that makes you ravenous. Plan ahead and pack plenty of food and drinks, with multiple snack options. No one wants to deal with hangry kids on the beach. 

5. Lather on sunscreen

Nothing will kill vacation vibes quite like a bad sunburn on the first day. Make sure you protect your kids’ skin so they don’t develop painful, uncomfortable sunburns. 

6. Choose the right vacation rental

The right vacation rental will make or break the whole vibe of the trip. You want to choose a place that fits all of your vacation wants and needs and contributes to the overall success of your beach vacation. 

7. Discuss safety

It is wise to educate yourself on the particular area you will be visiting, to learn about any potential safety hazards such as riptides or dangerous wildlife. Also, discuss general water safety and sun safety ahead of time so everyone is prepared. 

8. Have a backup plan

The tough thing about beach vacations is that they are dependent on the ever-changing weather. Research the surrounding area and have a list of backup ideas in case the weather keeps you from the beach. Disappointment doesn’t last long when there’s something else to be excited about!

9. Pack an umbrella

Trust me, you will want one. Sometimes you need a break from the sun, and the shade provided by a large beach umbrella is the perfect option. Kids especially need a cooler, shadier place to retreat throughout a day on the beach. 

10. Have an extra change of clothes

Kids often reach a point when they get tired of their wet swimsuit and immediately want to change out of them. Avoid a meltdown by planning ahead and packing a dry change of clothes. That way you also have the option to stop for dinner or ice cream on the way back to the rental without sitting in soggy clothes. 
We hope you try these ten tips for a successful family trip to the beach! At The Accord Real Estate Group, we want to help make your vacation the very best it can be. Contact us today to discuss how we can turn your dreams into reality.

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