10 Must-Have Items to Pack for Your Beach Vacation

Are you wondering what beach essentials you’ll need for your upcoming beach vacation? We are here to help!

The last thing you want is to show up at the beach without having packed essential items. At the same time, you don’t necessarily want to overpack either. It’s all about the balance!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 must-have items for your beach vacation to help you achieve that perfect balance:

1. Sunscreen

Hopefully, this is an obvious one! You don’t want to ruin your beach vacation by forgetting to lather up on your first day. You will most definitely pay for that for the rest of the trip. Protect your skin and your fun and pack plenty of sunscreen.

2. Multiple Swimsuits

If you’re taking a beach vacation, and not simply a day trip to the beach, it’s best to pack several swimsuits. We wouldn’t recommend trying to get by with just one for the whole trip. There’s nothing worse than getting dressed for the day and realizing your only suit is still damp and sandy from the day before. 

3. Beach Bag

A good beach bag is a must! You will have things (like sunscreen) that you will need to carry out to the beach each day, and you’ll want to have a designated beach bag for that. Preferably one that is waterproof and sand-resistant. 

4. Cover-ups 

Cover-ups are also a must because there will be times when you need more coverage than your swimsuit, but you don’t want to change completely yet. Cover-ups are also a great option for throwing on when you feel like your skin needs a break from the sun but you aren’t ready to leave the beach. 

5. Refillable Water Bottle

It’s extremely important to stay hydrated at the beach, so we encourage you to pack a refillable water bottle. That way you can stay hydrated, fill up water at a local spot, and save the sea turtles by reducing waste. It’s a win-win!

6. Sunglasses

Your eyes need protection from the sun as well as your skin. The best way to do that is to wear a good pair of polarizing sunglasses. And just trust us, it’ll make your trip more fun overall. It’s something you don’t want to go without!

7. Beach Towel

Hopefully, this is a given as well, but a good beach towel is a must! Beach towels are not all created equal so it’s an item we recommend spending a little extra to get a quality towel. Or check to see if your vacation rental provides towels for you. It might be one less thing you have to pack!

8. Wireless speaker

A beach vacation is only enhanced by listening to your favorite tunes while relaxing in the sand. So don’t forget to pack a wireless speaker or some way to listen to music. It’s one of the things you’ll regret if you don’t!

9. Sun Hat

A good sun hat is another must! A wide-brimmed straw hat or a baseball cap will do the trick. Whatever your style, it helps to have another option to protect your eyes and face from the sun, giving you even more time to spend on the beach. 

10. Camera 

Most people’s cameras are built into their phones these days, which works fine! But if you prefer a “point-and-shoot” camera, you won’t want to leave it behind. One way or another, be sure to commemorate your beach vacation with lots of great pictures!

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